Does Bigcommerce Integrate with EBay?

EBay is one of the most popular online market places in the modern age. This e-commerce platform, that originally started as a hub for selling and purchasing of second hand items, is now a big hit in the e-commerce industry. Almost all of the products sold on eBay are now new and original products. Customizing an ecommerce platform with eBay can be challenging especially considering the different parameters to be considered. However, Bigcommerce has made it possible to not only do that but also save valuable business time while creating efficiency simultaneously

Customizing Bigcommerce and eBay

Even though integrating Bigcommerce platform and eBay is possible there are certain conditions that must be met for that merging to be a success. For instance, merchants require an eBay account, a business account to be specific with an address located within the US. In addition, they must have PayPal account. This synchronizing process also requires that the default currency to be in US dollars. One must also have an operating or active shipping address. This is as far as the online store user goes. On the other hand, as for the products of the store, the following policies hold:

  • The products must be seen and not downloadable. Therefore, no softwares or any other downloadable content is supported.
  • It is compulsory for the listed products to have brand names.
  • The products’ descriptive information must also be provided by the seller. The same applies to the product code or SKU.
  • The listed product must have at least one image accompanying it to enable easy identification and also to verify the accuracy of its descriptive information.
  • The uploaded photo should be at least 500 pixels on the largest side- it can be either the width or the height.
  • The product images may contain watermarks but should not have hyper links.

The above requirements are not conclusive but provide a highlight of the most important steps to consider before listing inventory into the eBay platform from Bigcommerce.

Reliance on SellerExpress

SellerExpress, as an ecommerce platform is multifunctional and helps businesses to sell online across different ecommerce platforms inclusive of Amazon and Rakuten UK and in this particular scenario, eBay. Its software relies on the likes of open source creation tool, WordPress and the web server Nginx to operate. SellerExpress facilitates transfer of inventory from Bigcommerce powered stores to eBay besides allowing for the possibility of customizing the products’ pricing for each market segment.


Yes, Bigcommerce does integrate with eBay but on specific terms and conditions. It is the best way to increase online sales not only through eBay but also through other ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Rakuten UK.

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