Does Bigcommerce Have A POS System?

Bigcommerce can be natively integrated with Square, which is a leading mobile point of sale solution (POS) used by 2 million plus sellers around the world. Once you have connected Bigcommerce and Square, you stand a chance to get the most innovative solution, and you will be able to sell online and offline.

Provides better ways to pay

One thing about the Square POS is that it allows you to take a wide range of payment methods personally. This means that you are in a position to accept main credit cards through swipe or Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Android Play, prepaid cards, gift cards and debit cards. Click here how to set up an ecommerce site

Reduce errors and save time with fast syncing

You should bear in mind that, Bigcommerce is currently the only fully-featured e-commerce solution that provides inventory and product synching with Square. Other e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Wix don’t feature this service. Using Bigcommerce, therefore, implies that your inventory will always be updated instantly across the two channels each time orders are placed either offline or online. This is very useful because it helps do away with overselling and manual tasks.

Easy to get started

Supposing you are a Square merchant already, you are capable of importing your products from the Square Dashboard. This allows you to easily design another online store within minutes. Most importantly, Bigcommerce merchants are in a position to export their entire products to Square and immediately begin selling offline.

Better business running tools

When using Square to receive in-person payments, you stand to enjoy more than just POS. For instance, you will easily access intuitive tools to help you manage your payroll, monitor sales, enable appointment scheduling, track employee time and so much more.

Receive payments instantly

Unlike most other POS solutions you’ve probably come across, which require waiting up to six business days for you to receive sales’ funds; with Square funds are deposited immediately. Moreover, it allows for a single location viewing whereby you will be in a position to view both in-person and online orders available on the Square Dashboard.

Take payments online or in-person

Square makes it easy for you to manage inventory and accept payments from your Android or Apple device. Also, it is easy to connect Square to your Bigcommerce store to allow easier processing of online payments.


If you integrate Bigcommerce with Square POS, you will be able to carry out your business activities better. You will be in a position to utilize Square to process payments both offline and online. Additionally, you will be able to track orders easily from a single location and manage your inventory seamlessly allowing you more time to concentrate on your business.

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