Yasst is now opensource

Because I've basically not had much time to play with this recently I thought it was time to open source it. It's got it's own page on github and everything! If anyone is interested in helping out or taking it over please drop me an email.

Yasst on Github...

Current version: 20101005
Windows MD5:82fde72c057cfb10d255b644498035e0

OS X intel MD5:d0b234f60ea15c01fe5b663aa9456764

OS X Universal MD5:392bfe9a26772e231869d49506fd7782

Linux 32bit MD5:3869a0628be73cfbe3f8d076e2b2d3db

Linux 64bit MD5:2f46f71c2d25207d8689d0cc5485e418